Celeste Star Strips Naked In Sunglasses
DDGirls Celeste Star
Celeste has a beautiful long lean body that’s ideal to photograph. And she’s stunning to look at eye to eye. Before doing nudes she modeled clothes so she knows how to look good.

It might surprise you to learn that Celeste Star was once a cheerleader. Why? Well, her onscreen persona is so seductive, so sophisticated, and so unrestrainedly hungry for pussy that it’s hard to imagine her in that kind of normal schoolgirl role. Entertaining to imagine, but difficult. It’s not that her body isn’t right - at 5′7″ tall, with a gloriously natural 34B-25-36 figure, Celeste would look great bouncing up and down in a short skirt and a tight sweater. But consider her roles so far: in Slut School, she plays a stern headmistress who gets into some fun and games with two students, and she’s as convincing as anybody in porn, but she’s less than a month older than Codi Milo and almost four years younger than Jenna Haze - the students she’s supposed to be disciplining! In Way of the Dragon, she wields a pair of sai in a seductive martial arts dance, looking elegant and dangerous, and in Barely Legal Innocence, a venue where most girls actually do play cheerleaders or schoolgirls, she’s at a desk writing a letter with a quill pen when her lover, Ramona Luv, arrives - hardly a bubbly schoolgirl pursuit. Celeste

Celeste’s voice is one of the things that adds to the impression of maturity; although it’s girlish, it’s smoky and seductive, too, like a nightclub singer’s, and she uses it well - she’s a great dirty talker. Another is her extraordinarily pretty face - the exotic result of a pairing between a Mexican father and a Scottish-Irish mother. Her long, lustrous dark brown hair frames a sly, knowing pair of pale blue eyes and sharp cheekbones. Looking into her half-lidded eyes, seeing her pouting lips and provocative smile, it’s easy to see why she’s never really played the ingénue, and when you put that whole package on top of a long, slim tanned body with perfect, firm tits and a flawless ass and top it off with a tongue stud and a small tattoo of a flowering thorn bush - beautiful but dangerous - well, who can resist?

Born in December of 1985, Celeste is barely twenty, but she has a self-confident assurance that belies her young age. Eighteen when she started in porn, she was Penthouse’s Pet of the Month in July of 1985 at the age of 19, and now, before her twenty-first birthday, she’s got nearly thirty movies under her belt, having worked for Digital Playground, Suze Randall, Elegant Angel, Shane’s World, and many other studios, including Andrew Blake’s Studio A. She’s already starred with veteran beauties like Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane and Tianna Lynn, and with top billing in a new feature from Digital Sin, Celeste is well on her way to stardom. Crush is the story of an up-and coming starlet who moves to the big city in search of fame, fortune and glamour, but finds that, as usual, the good life only comes at a price. Celeste’s alluring sophistication is an interesting counterpoint to the nature of the character, since she plays a girl who is lonely and vulnerable to the people who want to manipulate and use her, and her exotic beauty is perfect for the dreamy, almost hallucinogenic sequences that make up most of the movie. Lush, exotic, and artistic, “Crush” is the kind of movie that can kick-start a career, so keep an eye out for Celeste - she may be the next big thing!

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Sunny Leone Seductive Naked Lemonade Stand
DDGirls Sunny Leone
Former Penthouse Pet and newly signed Vivid girl Sunny Leone is always a ball of fire on the set; but on this particular shoot, Sunny was in rare form. I barely directed her all day; she’s a natural model. I realized after a short conversation with Sunny that even when she’s not in front of the camera she’ll melt you with her smiling eyes.

Leone’s family moved to California in 1996. After graduating high school in 1999, she began modeling and eventually transitioned into nude modeling. Leone began appearing in many magazines and websites in the nude, and eventually posed in a layout for Penthouse magazine in 2001 (Pet of the Month March). Her popularity and beauty allowed her to win the 2003 Penthouse Pet of the Year award. She mostly does softcore modeling and videos, both solo and lesbian. She has signed an exclusive contract with Vivid Entertainment, where she has now moved into hardcore videos, though only lesbian. In 2004, she was part of ” No more Bush Girls” , where along with several other popular adult actresses, they shaved off their “downstairs locks” in protest of the Bush presidency. Her 2006 release, “Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone” ” received five out of five stars in a review from Adult DVD Empire. She also had the honour of being the first Vivid star to have such an interactive feature ever. Her next movie is slated for release at the end of 2006.

According to sources, she had a chance to break into the world of Bollywood movies, when director Mohit Suri approached her to take the lead role in his second movie Kalyug[citation needed]. He says, “For Deepal’s role, we had originally approached Sunny Leone, a top Indian porn star, but she wasn’t available. She has an official website in her name, lives in the USA and is extremely beautiful. We couldn’t afford her; her fee is $1 million.”

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Zoe Britton Huge Natural Sexy Breasts
DDGirls Zoe Britton
I met Zoe nearly 5 years ago and each time I see her it blows me away…seems like she gets better/prettier with age, not to mention she becomes a better model. We shot this layout at a house in Simi Valley Ca.

Zöe Britton is one fabulous girl with a fabulous smile! Born in Riverside, California but based in Austin, Texas, Zöe took the HotBOX by storm by slamming the competition in our Casting Call contest. Ever since, we’ve been privileged to have Zöe appear in numerous issues of our Honest Bra E-Zine, as well as in live events and video features. When she’s not blowing HotBOX members’ minds, Zöe feature dances around the country, appears in all sorts of gentleman’s magazines and takes photos of other gorgeous gals for her website, zoebritton.net . As for what she looks for in lovers, Zöe likes “brains, a nice smile and a fun-loving attitude” with her men and “brains, class and a nice, round booty” on women.

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Lisa Belle Naked Leather Seductive Strip
DDGirls Lisa Belle
Lisa Belle is a French porn star who loved being in front of the camera. Despite an obvious language barrier, the moment we aimed our lens at her (I think she liked having things aimed at her) Lisa was putting on a show. Often times I shoot girls who need continuous direction but photographing Lisa was somewhat like photojournalism. Despite her continuous movement it was hard to go wrong and we could only imagine her energy on a porn set.
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Nadia Styles Perky Little Tits
DDGirls Nadia Styles
If you saw Nadia in public I bet you’d never guess she was part of the cast in Grand Theft Anal #8. The morning of the shoot I met her at a Starbucks and although I’d seen her previously, I failed to recognize her. She sat in the corner with her hair up wearing Lisa Loeb glasses (kinda like a book worm would wear) dressed in an over sized wool sweater and jeans. But once she stepped on the set to do her video the school teacher comparison was not even relevant. She gave us some of the most explicit and intense masturbation footage we own.
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Charmane Star Naked Oily Sunbathing
DDGirls Charmane Star
Charmane was born in the Philippines but moved to California with her family at age two. She grew up in San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento with seven brothers and one sister. Charmane became a nude model soon after turning 19 and made her adult film debut in 1999 but left two years later to manage a night club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her ex-boyfriend. She recalls that managing the night club was “20 times harder” than adult films. When not working long hours at the night club, she managed to do single girl photo-shoots.

Charmane returned to film in 2003 and promptly opened up a website. Charmane mainly performs boy/girl and girl/girl scenes but rarely does a boy/girl/boy scenes indicating that it was “too much”. She has become one of the top Asian performers in adult film. Like many performers she dances in strip clubs and made her debut in December 2004 at Club Paradise in Honolulu, Hawaii with Teanna Kai.

As a hobby, she collects sculptures and paintings, and aims to own an art gallery someday. As of 2005, she is learning to be a disc jockey. Her contacts with professional DJs as well as her background owning a night club has no doubt contributed to this new hobby.

Charmane also poses for more niche fetish pictorials and videos, including those focusing on fishnet stockings, high heels and smoking.

More recently, she has done work as an import model at various car shows.

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Michelle Maylene sexy nude posing
DDGirls Michelle Maylene
We shot Michelle in our West Valley location on a foggy spring day. She’s a very quiet girl whose feminine prowess starts to growl the minute cameras are rolling. Petite with haunting brown eyes, a georgous head of hair and and an ample backside Michelle seduced our cameras all afternoon. For complete proof of her sexual charms see the video.

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Kimberly Kane naked leather striptease
DDGirls Kimberly Kane
Although the motorcycle in the pictures is not hers, Kimberly actually does have a Harley Davidson. That’s where we go the idea for the shoot. Throughout the day Kimberly told us stories of how her and her girlfriend would drive around Malibu flashing the locals, just to get a “rise” out of them. [tags]Kimberly Kane, Leather, DDGirls, Striptease, Porn Star[/tags]
Tavia Spizer seductive motorcycle striptease
DDGirls Tavia Spizer
The last few times I’ve been dirt bike riding I’ve noticed an increase in the number of cute girls that have taken up the sport. I think its faaantastic. It’s that whole thing of a girl pulling off her helmet to expose her cascading blonde hair as she whips it to the side that gets me fired up. Hell might freeze over before I get to see a naked girl riding her dirt bike through the hills where I ride so I figured I’d make my wish come through. So here you have it. The beautiful Tavia has done me proud. My next goal is to actually have a girl riding the bike naked. Stay tuned!
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Nikita Laska seductive pleather striptease
DDGirls Nikita Laska
After shooting for over 20 years sometimes it can, no joke, get a little stale, but after spending 10 hours with Nikita Laska, it was like getting a vitamin B-12 shot mixed with a gallon of Red Bull!! What a fun and outrageously flirtatious beauty. I could photograph her for the rest of my career and be completely content. Amazing!!
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