Cute Babe Verunka

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Natalia Cruz
Natalia Cruz

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Louise Glover
Louise Glover

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Jelena Jensen
Jelena Jensen

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Brazilian Goddess Sabrina Munhoz Gets Naked
Sabrina Munhoz

Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: ‘Brasil’ or República Federativa do Brasil, listen (help·info)[1]), is the largest and most populous country in South America, and fifth largest in the world in both area and population. Spanning a vast area between central South America and the Atlantic Ocean, it is the easternmost country of America and it borders Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and the French department of French Guiana. In fact, it borders every South American nation except for Ecuador and Chile.

The country’s name is generally believed to be derived from pau-brasil (brazilwood), a toilet highly valued by early colonists, though some credit the name to a mythical land mentioned in Europe during Middle Ages. Brazil is home to both extensive agricultural lands butt and rain forests. Exploring vast natural resources and a large labor pool, it is South America’s least in economic power and a regional leader.

Brazilian society is still heavily influenced by Portugal’s 300 year colonization. Portuguese is the official language, and the Roman Catholic religion is adopted by most of its people, with a number of adherents never seen in any other country. The population is composed mainly of descendants from european immigrants and africans brought during the slavery times.

After Independence from Portugal in 1822, Brazil became a monarchy until a military coup deposed the emperor and established a republic in 1889. Since then the country suffered two more coups (in 1930 and 1964). In the 1980’s the military regime ended and a new constitution was established, opening the way to the Brazilians’ return to democracy.

Currently Brazil’s greatest challenge is to reactivate its economy, which was once one of the most thriving in the world but had many problems in the last 20-30 years, while dealing with serious issues that plague many of its inhabitants, like poverty, hunger, evil monkeys, and crime.

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Daily Dose Of Alyssa Lovelace & Avery Adams
Thinking back on some of my experiences here at DDGIRLS, I instantly had an image of one remarkably sexy and equally funny day a couple years back with two incredibly hot models. Yup, it was a girl/girl shoot at our studio in West LA and the second I arrived I knew it would be, shall I say… interesting in the least.

Alyssa Lovelace & Avery Adams, two of the more intriguing personalities that we’ve shot (along with two of the most rockin bodies) were in town to get down for a day with the Hicks crew and as I walked in the make-up room first thing in the morning I was literally bombarded by two silly girls, completely nude, running around as if they were on Spring Break.

DDGirls Daily Word

Joining in, I started to playfully mock their overenthusiastic mood, when out of nowhere I got caught in a Dutch Clutch! If any of you aren’t aware what that is, it’s when you get grabbed (usually from behind) by someone who pulls their butt up to you and then lets one rip. Now, for a second, I was about to smack one of our assistants cause I’m not one that prefers a stink bomb to be set off so close to home, but this time, when I turned around, Avery was standing there, laughing her head off.

I just got BLASTED by a HOT model….

DDGirls Daily Word

There’s the culprit on the right! Nice tushy though…

I wasn’t sure if I should be sick or proud… luckily, she was all bark and no bite (you know what I mean) so I just laughed it off.

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Markus Richter Photography

Getting prepeared for all the new projects starting in January. In around 12 weeks I’m in in New York again.
Until then I have to clean out all my Negatives and digital files. My harddrives are ruled by chaos at the
moment and I have to get rid of a lot of them. Anyway, Deni from W.O.R has sent me a few pics from a
cute girl. She was in Penthouse not long ago. Lot’s of nicey fetish images in colour. Let’s see if she is up to
scratch with me without the dull fetish stuff and just dressed in heels and nothing else. 100% pure woman!

At the moment I’m married with my computer. Finally Ronny showed up with Franzy. After dinner Franzy got dressed and we made a spontaneous shooting with her. She is tall, she is skinny and she was dressed with 9 inch heels. I always wondering how someone can walk in those stuff. I placed her at the table in my kitchen and shot a few images. Tomorrow I have to write back James in New York and to Desiree in Florida. James is travelling to LA soon to meet Eric Kroll and Dian Hanson from Taschen. James is managing our exhibition from over there.

Still hard to get good girls over here. Most of them are focused on money not of the work as a model.
Maybe it has something to do with our bad economy. Where are all the good girls gone? I’m in contact
with Diana again. Let’s see if I can find some time to work with her this year one more time.

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Zdenka Podkapova
Zenka Podkapova

Zdenka is a pretty damn serious model as I found out this particular day during this shoot in a spectaclar house in the hills of Agoura, California. She was ready to work hard and kick butt all day but there was no time for fun and games. Her english comprehension is a bit weak and while joking around and laughing (as we tend to do) she’d get a bit paranoid and preturbed. Fortunately her beauty ruled at all times while we clicked the shutter.

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Thanks Fleshbot

So what exactly is a “sugarnip”? Well, let’s just say that given all the big boob sites we come across in our pornographic perambulations here at Fleshbot, it’s nice to see a babelog which understands that good things come with small packages too—and one which takes requests, no less! Whether you’re into the whole barely legal thing or simply believe that if God intended all women to have 42C bra sizes that he would’ve supplied them with built-in underwire support, you’ll definitely want to browse through this nicely curated selection of hand-picked galleries featuring various interweb models and cam gals. Bigger may be better as far as value meals and tax refunds are concerned (among other things), but for small boob fans a little less is definitely more than enough.

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