Eufrat on Digital Desire


Eufrat is one of those beautiful Eastern European girls you can find only on the most exclusive erotica sites.
Kinda like ours actually. But enough of the unvarnished truth, look below the fold for some amazing pics of Eufrat, who’s
one of the most stunning girls I’ve ever seen.

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Katie Downes

Katie Downes

If you’ve never heard of Katie Downes (like me), I highly recommend you check out this awesome gallery of Maxim photos of her. I don’t understand why these photos are topless, but I guess that’s a Good Thing. I guess this must be a non-us version of Maxim.

Katie Downes in Maxim
Link via Bad Girl’s Hotbox

Karen loves Kate - Silent Pix

Karen loves Kate

This Karen and Kate set is very hot and kinda sleazy. In other words, it’s just right. Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry’s dating that do gooder girl who worked in a soup kitchen and helped the poor? Here’s a quote from that scene:

JERRY: I mean, I admire the hell out of her. You can’t have sex with someone you admire.
GEORGE: Where’s the depravity?
JERRY: No depravity! I mean, I look at her, I can’t imagine she even has sex.

THAT is why these two girls are awesome.

Karen loves Kate on Silent Pix

Ksena on Artinude


Artinude has this fantastic set of Ksena. The pastoral setting, and beautiful late day light are just beautiful. I doubt that I’d personally want to lie down buck naked in a pile of hay, but she seems happy, and I’m happy to just look, so it’s all OK.

Ksena on Artinude

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin has got to be one of my biggest crushes. First off, she was married to the totally awesome Serge Gainsbourg whose music has had profound influence on the present landscape. He was a major influence, for instance, on the amazing duo Air and France’s France Gall.

Unfortunately there’s not that much Birkin material out there on the net, but I found this awesome music video of her here.

Sandra Shine - A Star is Born

Sandra Shine

Sandra Shine has one of the more different looks I’ve seen. She’s not your typical adult star in build or style. I’d have to say that it’s her piercing glare that separates her from many of the girls we shoot. She’s got a killer body, sure. Amazing natural breasts and other assets, yes. But it’s the attitude that shines through her photos that keep us coming back.

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Katie Fey on B4TM

Katie Fey on B4TM

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken of our friends over at B4TM but they’ve been busy beavers, posting truly high quality sets, like this set of Katie Fey. I admit that I’m a sucker for brunettes, but it’s really Katie’s eyes that make her special (or the flawless body, did I mention the flawless body?). She’s got this exotic piercing stare, like a wild animal.

Katie Fey on B4TM

Erin Wasson - Holy Fuck!

Normally I don’t link to this kind of stuff, but seriously holy fuck, whoever this Erin Wasson girl is, she’s ridiculously hot. If you like waifish model types as I do that is.

Unfortunately the rest of Esquire’s Women we Love list is pathetically conventional. They have no imagination with choices like Brittney Spears and Angelina Jolie. Any hottest hotties of all hottiedom list that neglects Keyra is dead to me.

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Lux (Kassidy) and Deluxe

Lux Kassidy on Digital Desire

Sorry for the hiatus folks, but I got deluged with stuff this weekend and couldn’t post. I’m sorry guys, I’ve let ya down. I do however, have a present for you guys, Lux Kassidy. Blonde bombshells are a dime a dozen at first glance, but Lux deserves more than just a glance. First off, her face just has some odd quality to it, it has a lot of character ya know? Anyway, sorry for the babbling I’ll get back to work posting more hot girls for you guys, I’ll make it up later this week I swear. We just may be releasing some free HD Video samples. Adios amigos!

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Pornstar Prom Date

What if your girlfriend was a porn star? Not, like, she was in a few pornos a long time ago, and now she’s your girlfriend. What if she was one of the most famous porn stars in the world? And what if she was such an extreme porn star that she was like a barometer for all porn stars, the porn star by which other porn stars measured their own porn star cache? And what if that was because in one single day, not long before you met her, your girlfriend had sex with over 500 men for the sake of pornography? And what if–and take the time to really think here–what if this porn star was your girlfriend—and you were eighteen years old? Could you handle it? Could you dig it? I mean, would you want to take her to the prom?

Read the rest of this amazing story at The Reverse Cowgirl. It’s quite fascinating I must say.

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